Stack8 Helps Organizations Achieve the Promise of Digital Communications with Cisco UC

If your Digital Communications system isn’t delivering on its promises, you have a problem. You also have an opportunity.



Automate Cisco UC Provisioning

Stop squandering IT resources on administrative tasks



Meeting Solutions for Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Teams

Because every meeting can and should be a productive, collaborative work session



Are Your Managed Services More Like Managed Frustration?

Unified Communications Managed Services done right.



Go from overwhelmed to amazed. Stack8 helps organizations take advantage of the performance improvements and strategic advantages possible with Digital Communications.

Managed Services

Free your team to focus on strategy, not fire-fighting
Our Managed Services team will find and eliminate the root causes of technical problems so that uptime and data reliability are a given. Your users will trust the system, and your IT specialists can devote their time to higher level projects.

Consulting Services

Extract more value from your existing assets
We’ll proactively recommend ways to use Unified Communications and Networking Technologies to your advantage. Our Consulting Services team is always looking for opportunities to integrate the other tools you’re already using that are strategic to your business.

Software Solutions

Time-saving expertise
When we identify a problem, we have the technical expertise to fix it, even if it means building our own tool.  We created our own Stack8 Moves, Adds, and Changes tool SMACS so that non-technical personnel can take care of provisioning in Cisco UC, ensuring clean data, and freeing your IT resources for more strategic work.

Want the “secret handshake” needed to run your Cisco UC system?

More than Cisco service providers. Do you have the time and resources to read all the technical papers, talk to Gartner, attend UC conferences, and stay on top of what’s coming from Cisco? We do!

Strategically use Meetings more effectively

Our Cisco Webex experts will design and implement a solution for internal and external meetings, training sessions, and webinars. We’ll recommend the optimal use of available collaboration features, security levels, and hardware that meets your business needs and scale as your business grows.

Improve your Contact Center response time

We’ll analyze your Contact Center processes and simplify common tasks your teams struggle with using Cisco Contact Center solutions. Our Wallboard displays real-time metrics including queue and agent, and any Cisco UCCX and 3rd party data to help your Contact Centers work more efficiently.

Increase usage and confidence in your UC system

We’ll identify users who aren’t taking advantage of your UC system and provide the tools and training needed to get everyone working efficiently. Is your objective to improve productivity? Conserve IT resources? Strengthen customer relationships? We want to make sure your investments pay off!

Make an informed decision about moving to the Cloud

Our specialists can help you evaluate the pros and cons of Cloud and hybrid systems for your business. Just getting Cisco UC connected overwhelms some teams. All they do is install a new phone system. They don’t scratch the surface of what Cisco UC can do.

Take control of your Cisco UC system and achieve the promise of Digital Communications.

Privileged to be trusted by these amazing organizations

Yves Lamarre
Network Engineer
Pratt & Whitney

“Now that we are using SMACS, we don’t have to worry about mistakes being made – our system is clean and ready for upgrades.

We couldn’t be more pleased with how easy it is to use, how quickly it was implemented and how great the service was from the team at Stack8. I would not have been able to do everything without SMACS and Stack8.”

Clifford Richstone
General Manager
Stanley Security, ATM Division

“We came to Stack8 with a challenge to deliver a solution that met both our technical needs while still meeting our strict security standard.

We received a solution that was completely customized that not only met our needs but exceeded the market standard and was instrumental in our ability to win future business.”

Thomas Blanchet
Director, IT Infrastructure Architecture PMP

“Each time we interact with Stack8, we are more and more amazed at how good the level of work is that they do; the communication between Stack8 and Harman is untouchable and we really enjoy working with them.”

Pierre Rochette
Director, Telecommunications
Group Desjardins

“The SMACS tool is easy to use and empowers our teams in getting changes done in real-time, resulting in efficiency gains and  increased customer satisfaction.”

Privileged to be trusted by these amazing organizations

Make your IT team deliriously happy with our time-saving Cisco UC tools.