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Use your technology and applications more naturally and make them more human literate with Cisco Spark and Stack8 Chatbots.

Chatbots can make a number of tasks quick and effortless, which is a huge plus in today’s increasingly fast-paced world.

Benefit from having a Virtual Assistant that will surely end up being your most valuable employee working 24x7x365. These Virtual Assistants “Octo” can automate tasks, get you instant access to info and ultimately ensure your teams are working at peak performance.

What Chatbots and Cisco Spark can do for you!

There are so many ways that chatbots, AI and conversational systems can benefit your organization. We’ve highlighted three interesting use cases for Cisco customers to give you an idea of what’s available and get your mind start thinking about the possibilities!


Stack8 Chatbots can provide you with real-time reporting of what’s happening in your Cisco UC environment. For example:

  • The status of open tickets.
  • The inventory and status of your phones.
  • The inventory and status of your dial plan.
  • The health status of your site.


  • There’s finally a way to let your end users create and configure their own phone in a safe. secure and foolproof fashion. Instead of Cisco engineers or your helpdesk, have a chatbot (virtual assistant) do all the heavy lifting

Major Incident Management (MIM) improvements – solve/Fix your problems better and faster

  • As soon as the system detects a P1 emergency ticket; our virtual assistant (chatbot) will create a space with all of the critical ticket info so that everyone can start working the problem with access to the same (up to date) information. In parallel, the VA (chatbot) will have invited all of the necessary stakeholders to the meeting space via SMS to ensure we are immediately informed of where to meet with a direct link to join. No more email threads with 30-40 people, no more ad-hoc meeting set-ups, no more not having all the right people on the line. the 15-30 minutes of getting everyone organization are critical downtime minutes that will no longer be lost.

Our Chatbot expertise

Our teams have been leveraging chatbot technologies for the past 3+ years. We have found that using this type of technology makes us more efficient and work better as a team. We are more informed and aware of what our fellow workers are doing.

From Idea to Chatbot

Chatbot Automation

Customer Service Chatbots

Helpdesk Chatbots

Chatbots for Professionals

Conversational systems will fundamentally change the working relationship between people and technology from technology-literate people to people-literate technology.  – Gartner

Chatbot Automation

What is a Chatbot:

•  A chatbot (short for chat robot) is a computer program that maintains a conversation with a user in natural language, understands the intent of the user, and sends a response based on business rules and data of the organization.

Functionalities of a Chatbot:

•  As far as functionality goes, there’s no limit to what chatbots can do. How your bot interacts with people is a reflection of your brand. Stack8’s architects will work with your team to design and implement the chatbot that meets your requirements.

Chatbot Best Practices:

Start with modest projects, based on available tools:

•  Iteration is key. Develop an “agile” approach.
•  Take advantage of data you have and collect more.

Privacy, security, and innovation will be at odds.

Engage the business:

•  The distinction between business owner and developers.
•  Start simple, but develop a vision for how AI will disrupt your industry over time.

Respect the impact on people:

•  The impact of AI and robots on employment, work, and careers of people.

Customer Service Chatbots

Although a chatbot cannot handle all customer queries, they can be used to deal with many of the routine inquiries that typically make up the majority of service requests.

Through Artificial Intelligence, our chatbots will develop an initial database from which to work by crawling any and all information available in the customer service database, including customer files, past interactions, FAQ, product knowledge, and more.

Any time the data is updated (for example, after a customer service agent closes out a support ticket), the information is crawled again, and the chatbot’s knowledge base stays updated. This method creates the ideal customer service agent. — Self-sufficient, self-taught, and self-maintaining. It acts as an emissary or concierge to help your organization make sense of the volumes of data that can not be processed manually.

Helpdesk Chatbots

Some of the simplest questions can cause the biggest headaches for you and your team. A typical question from a customer asking for their order status, still takes a lot of work and resourced time, even if the request is not difficult. By Automating simple and standard questions using chatbot technology, we can automate the requests, provide better service and save the organization money.

The key is to make life easier for the helpdesk agents. If you can achieve that, you will reduce wait times and solve issues faster. The perfect usage of bots is not to replace customer service agents, but rather to enhance them, replace the manual tasks the agent has to do. Focus on their goals, and use bots to automate the humdrum.

Virtual Assistants (Chatbots) for Professionals

Whether it be financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, engineering firms or consulting firms, all professionals are now recognizing the potential benefits of build brand engagement through the latest advancements in AI with both front-end and back-end applications.

Conversational UIs are a great way to simplify the user experience for customers. From a business perspective, chatbots are a natural evolution of the automated online assistants that are already fairly prevalent within these industries.

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