Are You Ready for the Changing Work World?

Are You Ready for the Changing Work World?

Collaboration solutions like Cisco Webex – Cisco Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex Teams can increase productivity and be highly beneficial for remote workers

If you are like me the commute into the office on a hot July morning can be grueling, almost as bad as the commute on an icy February morning. But what can you do? Actually, there is a solution, and it is not a flying car (although that would be cool). It is working remotely.

In a recent study by the International Workplace Group (IWG) The Workspace Revolution: Reaching The Tipping Point the tides have turned with regards to working remotely. According to IWG, fully 70% of respondents reported that they worked outside of their company office at some point of the week and 53% for half of the week or more. IWG reports that these results are “a clear indicator that the bell has tolled for traditional, fixed-office working.”

In assembling its report, IWG talked to more than 18,000 professionals in 96 countries, representing a wide variety of organizations and industries.

Many companies are seeing the advantage of having its staff work remotely. According to the IWG report, the top benefits include:

  • 91% said that flexible workspace enables employees in their company to be more productive while on the move.
  • 89% believe flexible working helps their business grow.
  • 87% think flexible working helps their business stay competitive.
  • 83% believe flexible working helps their business maximize
  • 80% stated that enabling their company’s employees to work from anywhere helped them recruit and retain top talent.

Team collaboration does not need to suffer

Out of sight out of mind is not a good business philosophy. Luckily collaboration tools like Cisco Webex are designed to help employers and employees work efficiently together regardless of geographic location.

Since employees, today are more mobile and are less tethered to their desks. Digital Communications need to be designed for the mobile worker, as such your collaboration technology needs to reflect this changing work paradigm.

Do not Start your meeting on the wrong foot

Let’s face it meetings can be stressful, and the last thing you need is to be stressed out before it has even begun. The use of technology should be as seamless and easy to use as speaking with someone sitting across your desk. So here are a few of the technological advancements within Cisco Webex Meetings that will help avoid the headaches we all face when starting a meeting:

  • Allows you to join or host a meeting regardless of device or location.
  • Enables you to start a meeting with your smartphone then without interruption switch to your PC or laptop.

Webex Meetings is also intuitive, and by intuitive, it:

  • Automatically integrates into your calendar and know when the meeting is about to occur.
  • Enables you to start or join a meeting by just clicking on a single button.
  • Shows you all the attendees as they join.
  • Knows the dial-in number, so you do not have to dial in separately.

cisco webex connect remote workers

Be face-to-face even when you are around the world

Sending an email is easy and fast but sometimes faster isn’t always better. It is easy to misinterpret an email, especially for sensitive communications. A successful business is, in large part, about building relationships with clients and staff, and face-to-face meetings through technology like video conferencing offers a lot more benefits than with a simple email.

Most communications are not through words; instead, it is accomplished by analyzing people’s body language, hand gestures, and facial expressions. Using video conferencing through Cisco Webex Meetings enables all participants to communicate both verbally and non-verbally regardless of the attendee’s location as if they were sitting across from one another.

When people use technology like video conferencing, communications often becomes more fluid, which leads to the development of trust and transparency. No longer are you merely an email or voice, you are the person who has a more in-depth insight into their needs and requirements.

In fact according to a study by Gigaom entitled “Why videoconferencing is critical to business collaboration” Eighty-seven percent of remote users feel more connected to their team and process when using video conferencing.

Increase collaboration, accountability, and productivity with technology

An email goes out to a group of you working on a specific project. In most cases, the email is either ignored or quickly lost and forgotten with the other 50 emails you received that day. If you ever want to retrieve it, you will need to either remember the day you received it or the subject. But let’s face it most likely if asked you will say that you never received the email in the first place.

This daunting task is made more difficult when working in a group. For groups, communication quickly becomes cluttered and hard to keep track of if we rely on our email inboxes exclusively. Inevitably the project goes off course because individuals cannot adequately plan their work because they are not aware what is being done by others in the group, or you miss the little piece of vital information in an endless email chain.

Keep all conversations located centrally

Cisco Webex Teams can take how we work, collaborate and engage after a meeting and improve upon it dramatically. As we spoke in the first article (link) creating a central repository for all documentation will help attendees find and prepare for the meeting. So, from initial agendas to the completed projects the “Space” should be used as your central location for everything associated with the project.

By sharing your group’s documentation in a single, searchable Team space, you will dramatically improve accountability and make it easier for your team to work efficiently.

Never leave anyone out of the conversation again:

When you send essential information to the group via email, you need to remember who was part of the group; invariably though someone always gets left out by accident.

Cisco Webex Teams allow attendees to post to the group’s “Team” space which will then automatically notify all members of this group.

We must also remember that what is important to you may not be relevant to everyone else in the group, and there is no bigger turn off than being stuck in a messaging chain that has nothing to do with you. Webex Teams allows you to message the right people be it individuals, select members, or all members of the group.

Onboard new team members quickly

When a new member joins the group, they invariably scramble to gather all documentation to catch up with what happened. By giving them access to the “Team” space, they can rapidly catch up on the discussions, action items and status of the project quickly.

So until the day I invent the flying car, the number of employees working remotely will grow, and collaboration tools like Cisco Webex will continue to play a significant role in an organizations success.

Experts in Cisco Webex solutions

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