Unified Communications Systems Can Save Your Business Money: Here’s How

Unified Communications Systems Can Save Your Business Money: Here’s How

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Recent research from Software Advice shows that 76% of small and medium sized-businesses are interested in purchasing a UC solution, and there are plenty of good reasons why: user provisioning software like Cisco Unified Communications can save a business money through increased efficiency and productivity. Here’s why UC systems can optimize your business’s finances and IT efficiency.

UC Managed Services

Fewer Outages

According to the National Statistics Council, 37% of employee time is spent in meetings, making each and every minute as valuable as the last. And there’s no denying the fact that glitches in any video conferencing application cost time. If a team of 10 is in a meeting, a six-minute delay is an hour of lost productivity.

The majority of end users also consider their managed services engagement as an integrative and connective experience between employees and IT professionals. In fact, research from InformationWeek shows that 62% of businesses said that improved employee collaboration is a top business driver for UC. By investing in a unified communications solution, you’re investing in your business’s overall productivity from the ground up. Less time spent on IT operations means more time to spend on core business. And after all, time is money.

Better Collaboration

Whether your employees are meeting in the office or conferencing in remotely, it’s important for them to be able to be heard, and for other employees to be able to listen. As many as 70% of attendees admit to multitasking during meetings, according to Interaction Associates, but after implementing UC managed services, more than half of businesses noted an increase in efficiency. The uncompromising video and audio quality in tandem with the user-friendly navigation system ensure that no employee will feel ‘out of the loop.’ This makes employees more willing and even eager to voice their thoughts. Plus, as your business grows, your UC system can seamlessly grow with it.

According to Upwork’s 2018 Future Workforce Report, 38% of hiring managers predict that their employees will work predominantly remotely in the next 10 years, but regardless of your business model, user provisioning software like Cisco WebEx and other UC solutions are always worth exploring. For more information about Cisco provisioning managers, contact Stack 8.

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