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Bringing back personalized, responsive service after a large Telco falls short

About Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP is an integrated firm of approximately 240 lawyers with offices in Toronto, Montréal and New York.  It is ranked as the leading firm in corporate transactions in Toronto and is consistently at the heart of the largest and most complex commercial and financial matters. Davies’ commitment to excellence distinguishes their people, sets their standard for quality and fulfills their objective of providing the very highest level of client service.

Customers we've helped

A transition to managed services made easy by a personalized approach to providing services that meet Davies' high security requirements.


Renewed services with instant access to an expert team with intimate knowledge of the technology and working reality of the law firm.

Both Unified Communications and System Security support needs, managed by a single partner.

Ability to deliver on security and service expectations of both internal and external stakeholders.


Davies had built a strong relationship with their firewall infrastructure management partner over 5 years of working together.  In 2011, however, that partner was acquired by a larger Telecommunications company.

Under new management and with different objectives, the partner lost both the personal touch and the expertise from previous years. The support team’s availability wavered, and over time Davies saw more and more services being left out of the packages offered by the large Telco. Ultimately, Davies no longer was receiving the kind of service required for a law firm with heightened security and service needs. Davies knows the importance of excellent and personalized customer service as this is part of their core values; they expect the same level of service of their service partners.

Davies needed a new partner to manage their infrastructure and provide personalized support.


Davies brought us in to see just how far their managed services partner had fallen behind.

We performed a penetration test and vulnerability assessment to assess the risks in their environment. What we found was they needed to update their configurations and existing environment to get caught up.

We took over the management from the large Telco and got to work rebuilding a personalized service for Davies.


Updated Configurations

First things first: We got Davies back up to speed with updated configurations and environment needed for their compliance and security needs.

Security Device Management

We assumed control of the edge security devices from the large Telco and deployed new edge IPS devices as part of a major security upgrade.

Security Network Guidance

Through updating all services, we became more intimate with Davies environment and are able to give guidance tailored to their strict and changing needs as a law firm.


As part of the security upgrade, we re-architected the core network to introduce additional measures of protection between different security perimeters within the organisation.

"Many partners can provide good network security services. I don't know of many who can offer what we get from Stack8. Stack8 is not a partner, they are an extension to our team, they are an extension to Davies".

Ivo Nikolov
IT Director
Davies Ward  Phillips & Vineberg LLP