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Making one of our SMACS customers very happy

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Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. is a global aerospace leader that powers the largest fleet of business and regional aircraft and helicopters – 50,000 engines in more than 200 countries.

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“SMACS is very easy to use, so the training required is minimal. We no longer have to bear the costs and inconvenience of having our technical staff attend long and costly training sessions in order to replace someone who is on vacation.” --- Yves Lamarre Network Engineer Pratt & Whitney


6000 hours saved by eliminating repetitive tasks

ROI achieved within 6 months

Nearly all errors eliminated


Pratt & Whitney Canada had finished a very successful project to implement Cisco Unified Communications (UC) across the company.

The project had been completed rapidly within an impressive timeline and had won the title of “Project of the Year” at Pratt & Whitney. To handle the huge number of requests for Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs), Pratt & Whitney’s IT team had dedicated personnel working full time just to handle these types of repetitive tasks.

As a result, there was a backlog of work, the team was required to work overtime, and other IT strategic projects were not being completed.

To complicate matters, the number of phones at Pratt & Whitney was increasing while its dedicated IT team was decreasing. A solution that would liberate the IT staff and provide them with time to complete other projects was desperately needed.


Our engineers are true Cisco experts, and they understood all too well the difficulties experienced by many Cisco UC customers.

Stack8’s SMACS, a revolutionary yet simple solution that handles Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) instantly within Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager.

Pratt & Whitney’s team immediately saw how they could leverage a simple and intuitive user-centric interface that would allow them to delegate repetitive provisioning tasks to help desks or users.

The users would be happy to have autonomy, and senior IT team members could be liberated to complete other, more important projects.


Self-Service Portal

Users can now reset their own voicemail and Extension Mobility passwords in one click, dramatically reducing routine requests and providing immediate customer resolution vs. the traditional 24 to 48 hour turn-around time.

User-Based Permissions

Permissions allow the customer to decide which aspects of the application can be accessed, limiting the changes that can be made and creating consistency and standardization.

Minimal Training

The SMACS interface is so intuitive that as little as 1 hour of training is required to perform moves, adds, or changes.

360 Degree Global View

The 360º global view displays all active services for any given user, providing you quick access to edit or delete any of them.

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“Now that we are using SMACS, we don’t have to worry about mistakes being made – our system is clean and ready for upgrades. We couldn’t be more pleased with how easy it is to use, how quickly it was implemented and how great the service was from the team at Stack8. I would not have been able to do everything without SMACS and Stack8.”

Yves Lamarre
Network Engineer
Pratt & Whitney