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An urgent security request turns into a thriving partnership in the Automated Banking Machine market

About Stanley Security Solutions

Stanley Security Solutions (SSS) is a growth platform within Stanley Black & Decker, an S&P 500 company. They provide security solutions to schools, hospitals, and governments, as well as the world’s largest retailers, financial service institutions, and airports.

Customers we've helped

Our managed services provide a custom hardware and software solution that minimizes cost, optimizes security, and provides maximum operational independence.


Delivered the optimal secure infrastructure within the required time frame and satisfying their partner banks security requirements.

Configured 300 routers for deployment into 300 ATM in 7 days.

The solution was picked for the deployment of 830 ATMs, the largest in Canadian history, for its cost and security effectiveness.


Stanley Security Systems (SSS) was in the process of deploying 300 bank machines throughout Quebec for a major Canadian bank.

SSS had planned to use their partner’s network security to support this, but last minute changes to the business requirements demanded they provide their own network security.

Stanley approached us with an urgent project: A quick solution to their new business requirements, one that could be implemented within a 4-week period.

They needed a partner that could manage a secure network from the transaction processing system to their own systems with visibility and reporting.


We proposed a solution that would allow them to put a layer of security directly on top of their partner’s network.

By building the infrastructure inside their partner environment, we could aggregate the individual VPN connections of each bank machine to a redundant core. It would then provide connectivity to the transaction-processing network as well as Stanley’s own management network. All of this connectivity would be secured by certificate authenticated VPN.Our 4-week project rolled into a long-term managed solution for their ongoing infrastructure monitoring requirements.

Stanley elected to transition their remaining non-embedded bank machines requiring active maintenance of an ABM PC onto our network. Deployments since the initial project include one of 830 ABMs, the largest in Canadian history.



We monitor basic device availability and traffic patterns, as well as keep a bird’s eye view of traffic flows. Our monitoring has led to the diagnosis of issues with service providers and network partners.

Proactive Tickets

We proactively raise tickets to service providers when there are issues rather than wait for notification by the customer about issues.


We provide Stanley with tools that give them direct visibility into the environment and as much operational independence as possible.

Custom Hardware/ Software

Our solution has allowed us create a unique platform to provide a fully redundant managed VPN connectivity while reducing the operation cost of much larger ABM deployments down the road.

“We came to Stack8 with a challenge to deliver a solution that met both our technical needs while still meeting our strict security standard. We received a solution that was completely customized that not only met our needs but exceeded the market standard and was instrumental in our ability to win future business.”

Clifford Richstone
General Manager, ATM Division
Stanley Security