Stack8 leads the way to success with Unified Communications

The Promise of Unified Communications

We deliver on the promise of Unified Communications by offering proactive, strategic solutions for Cisco Unified Communications. With the rapid adoption of Unified Communications by all types of businesses and their need for guidance, Stack8 is playing a pivotal role in the industry.

Why did Stack8 start its own strategic support for Cisco UC?

We saw companies moving to Unified Communications but then continue using it like old technology so they weren’t capitalizing on the benefits. Many integrators leave once the system is technically up and running, even though there’s still a huge gap between what the system could do and what it is doing. We knew there was a better way.

When did Stack8 start?

In 2010, a group of us started Stack8 to help businesses achieve the promise of Unified Communications with Cisco UC in areas traditional Cisco partners weren’t serving.
We’ve never changed our original mission. Stack8 has grown steadily since the start, adding services, creating tools, and helping many businesses achieve the promise of Unified Communications.
We’re a growth-oriented company with proven traction and solid grounding in best business practices and disciplined IT processes. Everyone at Stack8 is engaged, informed, and moving in the same direction as a cohesive team.

How does Stack8 make a difference?

Stack8 is committed to proving that Unified Communication can deliver on its promises and transform the way you do business. We’re more than a service provider. We offer proactive, strategic solutions to help businesses achieve their current and future objectives using Cisco UC.

What does the name Stack8 mean?

We decided to add an 8th layer to the 7-layer OSI stack model. Stack8 is the human, business layer that puts it all together.

Where is Stack8 located?

Our operational headquarters are in Montreal, and we have people across Canada and the United States.


We offer Managed Services, Consulting Services and Software Solutions exclusively related to Cisco UC & Collaboration

Managed Services


Free your team to focus on strategy, not fire-fighting
Our Managed Services team will find and eliminate the root causes of technical problems so that uptime and data reliability are a given. Your users will trust the system, and your IT specialists can devote their time to higher level projects.

Consulting Services


Extract more value from your existing assets
We’ll proactively recommend ways to use Unified Communications Technologies to your advantage. As part of our service, our Consulting Services team is always looking for opportunities to integrate the other tools you’re already using that are strategic to your business.

Software solutions


Time-saving expertise
When we identify a problem, we have the technical expertise to fix it, even if it means building our own tool.  We created our own Stack8 Moves, Adds, and Changes tool SMACS so that non-technical personnel can take care of provisioning in Cisco UC, ensuring clean data, and freeing your IT resources for more strategic work.

Take control of your Cisco UC system and achieve the promise of unified communications.

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