Cisco UC Product Services

Managed Services


Free your team to focus on strategy, not fire-fighting
Our Managed Services team will find and eliminate the root causes of technical problems so that uptime and data reliability are a given. Your users will trust the system, and your IT specialists can devote their time to higher level projects.

Consulting Services


Extract more value from your existing assets
We’ll proactively recommend ways to use Unified Communications Technologies to your advantage. As part of our service, our Consulting Services team is always looking for opportunities to integrate the other tools you’re already using that are strategic to your business.

Software solutions


Time-saving expertise
When we identify a problem, we have the technical expertise to fix it, even if it means building our own tool.  We created our own Stack8 Moves, Adds, and Changes tool SMACS so that non-technical personnel can take care of provisioning in Cisco UC, ensuring clean data, and freeing your IT resources for more strategic work.

Provision new end-users in 60 seconds or less