Professional Services for Unified Communications

There is never a problem too big or unique, we always find a solution!

Common problem

You know what you want, but don’t have the internal expertise. Whether you’re looking to deploy a new technology or Cisco functionality, optimize an existing system, or just want to improve overall design, neither the needed resources nor the time are there to make it happen.

Personalized solution

Stack8 has the expertise to support you with the skills and know-how to lend a helping hand through your projects, or even completely offload the project for you. We are a flexible extension of your team, always there when you need us.

Our expertise

Architecture and design

Deployment and migration

Upgrades and maintenance

Our services are available project-by-project or on a retainer basis, giving you access to familiar experts when you need them.

Architecture and design

  • Project Planning: know everything you need to get you started on the next phase of your IT project (list of equipment, topology diagrams, BoM, etc.).
  • Detailed strategies for integrating new technologies into your environment.

Why us?

  • We are on the leading edge of the latest releases and technology.
  • We take a holistic view and understand how the implementation of a new technology will affect other areas of IT, like VC, security and network.
  • We are an agile team able to deliver quick results.
  • We are very practical in our approach, testing and double-checking everything.
  • Our recommendations are backed by thorough research conducted for every one of our clients.

Deployment and migrations

  • Best sequence and timeline to roll out this new technology and ease the adoption rate.
  • Ensure the least impact and downtime on users deploying a new service.

Why us?

  • We install, configure, and integrate with existing systems.
  • We do testing and knowledge transfer.
  • We are able to deliver quick and effective results thanks to our built automation tools; reducing errors and minimizing the customer’s need for involvement.
  • We are very thorough, organized, and methodical with our deployments; from the project assessment on day one, through to completion, the project management team will always be proactive and connected with our use of shared project workspaces.
  • We are able to adjust and turn on a dime if new requirements come up mid-deployment, we know things will happen and are very flexible.

Upgrades and maintenance

  • Know the benefits of the latest version.
  • Understand all of the hardware requirements before making a software upgrade.

Why us?

  • We perform an in-depth analysis and readiness assessment of the current environment.
  • We validate and support contracts and licensing.
  • We plan all upgrade, sequencing, and roll back strategies.
  • We perform upgrades with testing and validation.
  • We are up to date on all Cisco technology, features and functionalities.
  • We do not believe “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We know that the bigger the gap between versions, the bigger the issues.
  • We want to make an upgrade easy and cost efficient, so you can always be up to date and benefiting from the latest tools and technology.

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