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When someone asks you how your Cisco Unified Communications system is running, do you smile or clench your teeth? We understand how it is – too many unified communications providers are great at selling you a system, plugging everything in, and then walking away.

Sometimes they claim they can provide managed unified communication services, but they’re generalists—not Cisco Experts. They’re also not up to the task of managing Cisco Unified Communications. You end up doing too much hand-holding, and what you hoped would be managed services turns into managed frustration.

Stack8 has a world-class unified communication managed services team with a proactive approach that goes well beyond simply implementing best practices. Even if you have an in-house IT team with Cisco expertise, UC management can be overwhelming and not the best use of your IT resources. Wouldn’t you rather let your team spend less time running Cisco UC and more time on other business initiatives? Whether you need to free up your in-house team for other projects, or you’re frustrated with the UC management team you’re currently using, we can help.

More than Cisco Service Providers

Stack8 uses these 3 key elements to ensure that your system delivers on the promise of unified communications:

  • Your communications system isn’t treated as a commodity.
  • You’re dealing with Cisco experts. There is no level 1.
  • You control how unified communications affects your business.

Your communications system is not a commodity

Unified communications aren’t simply about a phone system. Your UC system should be a strategic asset that contributes to your business success. A reliable, professional unified communications system is a critical foundation that’s required for your business to run. Whether you’re taking a call from a customer, having an internal meeting, or dealing with a partner in an online conference, the efficiency and structure of your unified communications system will impact your business positively or negatively.

At Stack8, we believe that working with a Managed Services provider is a partnership. We’re your advisors and specialists. By integrating the potential of Cisco UC technology into your business to support your objectives, Stack8 helps you work more efficiently and use unified communications strategically.

Make unified communications strategic for your business. Download our free guide.

With Stack8 Cisco UC Managed Services there is no level 1

We start at level 2.

That means when you call us, you reach the right person. There is no triage. We don’t have specialization silos. We’re all Cisco specialists.

With Stack8, there is no hand-holding. We know how to work with Cisco to get fast turnaround. Our processes and troubleshooting are set up in alignment with TAC (Cisco Technical Assistance Center.)

You’ll know which issues we’re working on, what the status is, and what’s been resolved. As Cisco specialists, we understand the impact of making certain changes and can make sure you’re aware of any potential issues before they happen.

UC Managed services should provide much more than fast resolutions to problems. As your partner, Stack8 proactively prevents problems from happening instead of waiting and reacting.

“The communication between Stack8 and Harman is untouchable. Within 15 minutes of a request someone is reaching out to us. Stack8 is a true partner, and we get blown away daily with how much knowledge the Stack8 team has on complex requests.” – Thomas Blanchet, Director of IT Infrastructure Architecture PMP, Harman

Take control of your unified communications

The level of customization you require, functionality, access, when to implement upgrades, and other critical unified communication decisions are yours to make, and ours to support.

Stack8 works with you, giving you advice about the pros and cons for different options so you can make informed business decisions about your communications strategy.

To dramatically increase the effectiveness of your UC system

Elements of our Managed Service guaranteed to deliver on the promise of unified communications

Automation and 3rd party integration


In-house experts who are here to help you maximize the benefits of unified communications

24/7 support


Stack8’s support team is always available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help serve you better

Consulting services


Learn how to use your Cisco UC solution to its fullest and to keep running it efficiently

Proactive monitoring


Actively monitor your supporting UC infrastructure to help ensure reliable unified communications

Global reach


24/7 support anywhere around the world regardless of your time zone or geographic location

System updates


All upgrades, updates and maintenance are performed in a timely fashion and per the priorities of you

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