Virtual Assistants for Cisco Webex

Take Cisco Webex Teams to the Next Level with a Virtual Assistant

Cisco Webex Teams and Stack8 virtual assistants help to make your technology and applications more natural and user-friendly. These virtual assistants can make a number of tasks quick and effortless, which is a huge plus in today’s increasingly fast-paced world. Our chatbots/virtual assistants for Cisco applications work around the clock, all year long, to help you get the most out of your UC solutions. “Octo” can automate tasks, provide instant access to information, and ultimately ensure that your teams are working at peak performance. Your Stack8 virtual assistant will surely end up as your most valuable employee.

Benefits of Virtual Assistants and Cisco Webex Teams

There are so many ways that AI, conversational systems, and chatbots for Cisco UC applications can benefit your organization. We’ve highlighted three interesting use cases for Cisco customers to give you an idea of what’s available and get your mind start thinking about the possibilities!


Stack8 Virtual Assistants can provide you with real-time reporting of what’s happening in your Cisco UC environment, including:

  • Cisco Webex status of open tickets.
  • The inventory and status of your phones.
  • The inventory and status of your dial plan.
  • The health status of your site.


  • There’s finally a way to let your end users create and configure their own phone in a safe, secure, and foolproof fashion. Rather than using Cisco engineers or your helpdesk, have a virtual assistant do all the heavy lifting.

Major Incident Management (MIM) improvements – solve your problems faster

  • As soon as the system detects a P1 emergency ticket, your Virtual Assistant (chatbot) will create a space with all the critical ticket information. This way, everyone can start working the problem with access to the same (up to date) information. In parallel, the chatbot will have invited all the necessary stakeholders to the meeting space via SMS to ensure that all are informed of where to meet. They’ll even include a direct link to join.

Using Virtual Assistants with Cisco Webex Teams

Our teams have been leveraging chatbot technologies for the past 3+ years. We have found that using this type of technology makes us more efficient and work better as a team. We are more informed and aware of what our fellow workers are doing, as well as Cisco Webex status updates and other pertinent information.

We have specialized in creating Virtual Assistants for Cisco Spark and we are excited to continue this work with Cisco Teams

Intelligent Booking System

Let’s show you how a virtual assistant can be used to enhance your Webex Teams experience.

Any productive and collaborative work environment requires a proper workspace. Size and features are important; users shouldn’t struggle with the logistics of booking these spaces. The Stack8 team created the Intelligent Booking System to effortlessly schedule meetings in suitably sized spaces. It’s like having someone proactively overseeing your room bookings to ensure the greatest ROI on your meeting room investments.

How does the Intelligent Booking System for Webex Teams work?

It is as simple as writing a message in Webex Teams. The user simply needs to ask the virtual assistant “Octo” to book a meeting, and Octo will then take the user step-by-step through the process of booking the ideal meeting room.

Octo will also map out the rooms location for all attendees.

Finally, Octo will send attendees a meeting room confirmation email.

From Idea to Virtual Assistant

Conversational systems will fundamentally change the working relationship between people and technology from technology-literate people to people-literate technology.  – Gartner

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