Microsoft Lync to Cisco Jabber Integration Tool

Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Lync to Cisco Jabber with our Lync to Jabber Migration Tool. This software enables you to leverage all of your Cisco tools fully. By migrating Microsoft Lync to Cisco Jabber, users can take advantage of the enhanced collaboration tools on desktop and mobile devices. These tools will integrate seamlessly with your Cisco IP telephony imprint. Many organizations are hesitant to make the switch because the prospect of convincing users to spend lengthy periods of time setting up a new chat tool and remaking their contact lists is too daunting. Integrating Lync to Cisco Jabber takes away the time commitment and the pressure by instantly migrating buddy lists without hassle, and it makes our tool for Cisco Jabber integration with Lync a favorite among organizations of all sizes.

Migrate with ease lists to Cisco Jabber

With Stack8’s Lync to Cisco Jabber Migration tool, you can seamlessly provision all your end users with Cisco Jabber and import their buddy lists from Microsoft Lync instantly and hassle-free. Our tool for Cisco Jabber integration with Lync provides an easy-to-use, seamless migration of all relevant user information.

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