Free up senior, highly skilled and valuable resources

Provision users to Cisco UC in less than a minute!

SMACS: Stack8 Moves, Adds, and Changes System

SMACS  is a user provisioning software tool for Cisco Unified Communications solutions (Cisco UC provisioning). It is designed to ease businesses through the complexities of managing Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC) for both users and devices.

SMACS is capable of making changes in seconds across your entire user base instead of hours. The user interface is so intuitive that you can push all MAC related functions to the help desk or level 1 support – thus freeing up senior, highly skilled and valuable resources.

SMACS eases moves, adds and changes instantly within Cisco’s

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager,
  • Cisco Unity Connection,
  • Cisco Jabber IM & Presence applications.


Cisco UC Provisioning made simple

Add or Remove Services in a Single Click

Cx3dTVK - Imgur.gif

Add and Remove Services

SMACS makes it even easier to perform Moves Adds and Changes to your user’s profile by enabling the administrator to add or remove devices or services in a single click.

SMACS 360º view

SMACS 4.0 UI.png

360° View

The redesigned user interface displays all active services for any given user, providing quick access to your help desk or level 1 support team to make any Moves, Adds, and Changes within Cisco UC systems

Let us show you how you can add or remove services in Cisco Unified Communications Applications in less time than it takes to read this sentence


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Customizable Fields

The custom field feature in SMACS allows the administrator to customize multiple fields.

Full Field Customization

  • Show or Hide: Decide which fields or services should be shown to the user.
  • Required: Choose which fields are required.
  • Default Values: Provide default values for any field.
  • Drop Downs: Select and order the values of any drop down.
  • Text Field: Ensure text fields (ex. Descriptions, Labels) follow your company standards.

Ex 1. A SMACS administrator decides which drop downs should be visible and what values they should have:

Cx3dTVK - Imgur.gif

Ex 2. Adding a deskphone now requires the SMACS user to select from the three values setup by the administrator:

Cx3dTVK - Imgur.gif

SMACS Field Validation

SMACS Field Validation

Instant feedback on bad configurations

Lack of standardization in naming conventions and configurations across a UC environment is a pain point all UC admins are familiar with. Multiple users creating and modifying users, devices, and services in the same environment make enforcing standards a tall order. The task of cleaning up an environment or identifying misconfigurations resulting from lack of standardization is even more daunting.

The new Field Validation feature provides instant feedback when loading any of the user’s services. This helps you quickly identify misconfigurations or see when the field doesn’t follow your Company’s standards.

Free up senior, highly skilled and valuable resources

Let us show you how to take the challenge out of provisioning users

Stack8 Moves, Adds and Changes System

DID Management

Manage the entire creation of a new user by generating the next available DIDs —all within a single interface, saving valuable time and reducing errors.

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Multi-cluster platform

Easily handles multi-cluster environments with a single administrative interface, giving you a more streamlined workflow.

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Audit trail

Complete audit trail, tracks in comprehensive details all moves, adds and changes made in your system.

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Minimal training

The SMACS system is so intuitive that as little as 1 hour of training is required to perform user provisioning.

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Adaptable interface

Allows the interface of the solution to be adapted to properly reflect your company’s branding, including your company logo.

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Multilingual platform

Users can choose their own interface language, improving the global user experience.

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Role-based access control

Allows MACs to be pushed towards the help desk lever or users level,  liberating your team to work on more valuable projects.

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Self-service portal

Empowers users to control certain features in one click, dramatically reducing routine requests and providing immediate customer resolution.

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Location-based structure

Creates consistent standards in configuring your devices that allow you to generate the same results every time, eliminating errors.

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Some of the customers we have helped with SMACS

Cisco UC & Collaboration Provisioning made simple!