SMACS UC Provisioning Tool

Stack8 Moves, Adds, and Changes System

When you need to provision users to your Cisco CUCM system, how long does it take?

Are valuable members of your IT staff wasting time on the tedious and time-consuming Cisco provisioning process?

Stack8 has the user provisioning software solution you’ve been waiting for. The Stack8 Moves, Adds, and Changes System, or SMACS, is a Cisco provisioning tool that speeds up the provisioning process and allows non-technical staff to take over without errors. This user provisioning software can streamline your business operations while providing the full scope of necessary provisioning features, making it an excellent choice for Cisco provisioning and Cisco call manager tools. See how the SMACS provisioning software solution can help you and your team deal with the complexities of moves, adds and changes within Cisco CUCM applications in our demo:

SMACS 360º view


SMACS 4.0 UI.png


First, search using any information you know such as name, direct number, etc.
This search tool saves a lot of time and frustration.

The intuitive SMACS 360° view shows everything for each user profile.

Nice, right?

See how SMACS 6 can help you deal with the complexities of MACs within Cisco Unified Communications Applications Request your SNEAK PEEK Today


Add or Remove Services in a Single Click

Cx3dTVK - Imgur.gif

Then you add or remove services in CUCM in a single click.

See how fast SMACS works. Contact us for a demo.

Dial Plan Manager

There’s more! Wait until you see the Dial Plan Manager.

Our Cisco call manager provisioning tool functions like an airplane seat selector, showing you the available numbers when you’re assigning a new extension.

We helped the Telecommunications Director at the leading financial cooperative in Canada enable his team to work more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction.

“The SMACS tool is easy to use and empowers our team in getting changes done in real time, allowing us to realize efficiency gains and significantly increase our customer satisfaction.”
– Pierre Rochette, Telecommunications Director, Group Desjardins

Free your technical resources from time-consuming provisioning tasks.


Don’t worry. This Cisco provisioning tool is not a total free-for-all.

Your IT administrator can:

  • Decide which fields or services should be shown to and hidden from the user.
  • Choose which fields are required.
  • Provide default values for any field.
  • Select and order the values of any drop down.
  • Customize text fields such as descriptions and labels to follow your company standards.
  • Set restrictions based on location (e.g. define a New York SMACS user and a Chicago user who can each do provisioning only for their office.)

Then you can authorize non-technical people in office administration, human resources or other departments to take over the user provisioning software. SMACS automatically validates each field, preventing misconfigurations. 

Ex 1. A SMACS administrator decides which drop downs should be visible and what values they should have:

Cx3dTVK - Imgur.gif

Ex 2. Adding a deskphone now requires the SMACS user to select from the three values setup by the administrator:

Cx3dTVK - Imgur.gif

Automatic Updates to Active Directory (LDAP)

When choosing a user’s Primary Extension, SMACS has the ability to provision the user’s internal extension automatically, and full E.164 DID to any field in Active Directory. (ex. ipPhone, telephoneNumber).

Automatic Updates to Active Directory (LDAP)

Feedback for Incorrect Fields in Active Directory

Users will continue to enjoy the same powerful field validation released in SMACS 4 for these additional fields in Active Directory (AD).  Similar to other fields today, if SMACS loads values from Active Directory that are incorrect or do not meet your standards, a warning message is provided to the user with a link to fix it.

Automatic Updates to Active Directory (LDAP)

Kick-off Active Directory Synchronization to CUCM & Unity

A common problem we see today is UC administrators and helpdesk members often waiting for the CUCM & Unity Servers to complete synchronization with Active Directory before performing Moves Adds & Changes.

With SMACS, an administrator could manually kick off the sync to all Cisco CUCMs and Unity Servers at any time with a single click of a button, dramatically reducing the wait time.

Active Directory Synchronization to CUCM & Unity

Moreover, these synchronizations can be scheduled automatically within SMACS over a specific time period.  Allowing SMACS to automatically pull in new LDAP synchronized users in CUCM or flag deactivated users to be de-provisioned.

Active Directory Synchronization to CUCM & Unity

View Any Additional Field in Active Directory from Within SMACS

Lastly, the contact card on the user’s 360 View has now been enhanced to include any attribute from Active Directory (ex. Department, location, role).

These details can often be relevant in how a user gets provisioned in terms of the types of services and configurations they should have.

View Any Additional Field in Active Directory

Phone Control via UnifiedFX PhoneView

Stack8 is proud to have partnered with UnifiedFX to bring PhoneView right into SMACS. When making modifications to a phone, users with PhoneView can easily view their changes and control the phone in real-time via a direct link in SMACS.

Phone Control via UnifiedFX PhoneView

Provision users to Cisco UC Applications in less than a minute

See SMACS in action. Contact us to see a demo and ask questions

SMACS offers many more time saving features

Automatic onboarding and offboarding


Offboard one user and onboard another without re-selecting everything


Integration with IT service management systems


Customers that have won big with SMACS

Free your IT team from provisioning tasks.