SWAP iOS Application

Quickly provision IP phones in Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Deploy Cisco IP phones to designated users

Stack8 created the SWAP iOS application to allow organizations to quickly provision IP phones in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager without requiring a MAC address. Requiring only 3 simple steps, SWAP software seamlessly registers a new phone as soon as it’s plugged in.

For many in the IT field, the thought of physically installing hundreds of IP phones in a new office is disheartening, to say the least. There must be an easier way to do things – a way that doesn’t require barcode scanners and spreadsheets to make sure that the right phone is on the right desk. We’re here to say that there is an easier way – thanks to the SWAP iOS application. SWAP software is an iOS app that updates MAC addresses and predefined IP phone configurations. Designed to facilitate the physical deployment of Cisco phones in 3 easy steps, this software eliminates unnecessary lists and complex logistics to free up your IT resources.

Update MAC addresses and predefined IP phone configurations

SWAP is an iOS application designed to facilitate the physical deployment of Cisco phones with 3 easy steps, eliminating unnecessary lists and complex logistics.

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