Cisco Customer Journey Platform

The latest in cloud-based UC for a more agile, customer-centric contact center

What is Customer Journey Platform?

Customer Journey Platform (CJP) is Cisco’s latest Cloud UC offering predicitive analytics and performance tracking help contact center leaders make better business decisions, faster

4 reasons to move your UC to the cloud

1) Lower upgrade costs
– Cloud-based UC systems don’t rely on physical infrastructure (like phones) so upgrades are cheaper and faster.

2) Reduced support and maintenance costs
– No on-premise infrastructure to maintain or monitor means fewer man hours, and lower IT costs.

3)Real-time scalability
– Cloud-based UC can easily be scaled up or down to match demand, with no need to set up additional devices.

4) No need for deep technical expertise
– By taking infrastructure out of the equation, cloud-based UC reduces the technical burden on IT so they can focus on core business functions.

A cloud UC solution for every contact center


  • Predict customers’ propensity to buy
  • Match people to the best agent every time
  • Track sales performance in real-time
  • Make the right offers to the right people at the right moment

Customer Services

  • Anticipate people’s needs at each stage of their journey
  • Proactively meet customer expectations based on data
  • Bring greater context to customer service
  • Gain a 360 degree customer view for improved personalization


  • Increase connect rates with automated dialing
  • Maximize time with customers through preview and progressive calling
  • Track campaign performance more effectively with unified reporting
  • Roll out more flexible campaign strategies that map to wider business needs


  • Gain an up-to-the-minute view of agent performance
  • Use predictive analytics to make decisions more efficiently
  • Centralize routing through the cloud to reduce call abandonment
  • Lower TCO with a single, central cloud-based system

What’s In It For You

Improved performance


Increase conversions, revenue, retention, customer satisfaction scores, and first-call resolutions

A smoother customer journey


Predictive routing matches every customer to the right agent depending on where they are in their journey

Consistent, personalized experiences


Voice, email, and chat are centrally queued so the same routing rules are applied across the contact center

Lower call abandon rates


Calls are routed based on real-time volumes and resource to avoid downtime

Better performance management


The performance of agents, teams, sites, systems and outsource is centrally monitored in real-time

Simple integration


CJP integrates seamlessly with existing Cisco systems, using data directly from your other contact center applications

Stack8 is the first company in Canada to achieve Cisco CJP Authorization

Features Breakdown: Cisco Customer Journey Platform

Features Breakdown: Cisco Customer Journey Platform


  • A cloud solution designed for security, visibility, flexibility, and scalability



  • All your customer interactions – voice, email, and chat – managed in a unified environment

360° customer journey analytics


  • Track and analyze your customer experience through the entire lifecycle and across all channels

CRM integrations


Uses CRM to determine routing, in addition to screen pops

Collaboration on-demand


  • On-demand voice and chat with other agents, managers, and subject matter experts

Predictive routing


  • Predict customers’ need based on where they are in their journey, and match them with the best available agent

WFO suite


  • Optimize performance through dynamic scheduling, quality management, and “voice of the customer” insights through speech, text, and desktop analytics

Outbound campaigns


  • Preview campaigns, and benefit from progressive dialing and management

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, Stack8 is here to help