Cisco Expressway

Collaborate anywhere, anytime and on any device

Make Collaboration Simple

Acting as a proxy and a firewall between the corporate network and the Internet, Cisco Expressway allows companies to deploy voice, video and collaboration services without constraining their user location from within their offices or by forcing them to connect via the corporate VPN. Essentially, Expressway is used to extend services to users inside and outside your firewall.

What you will be able to do with Expressway

• Anywhere collaboration through Jabber IM
• Anywhere presence update through Jabber
• Anywhere audio calling through Jabber softphone
• Anywhere video calling through Jabber softphone
• Calling from/to Cisco 7800/8800 IP phone deployed remotely through Expressway
• Video calling from videoconferencing with B2B partners
• Audio calling with B2B partners
• Video calling with B2B partners

What’s Involved and Included with the Cisco Expressway Solution

Stack8 will execute the following tasks and activities:

Expressway Integration Services

• Stage and configure one (1) Expressway-C and one (1) Expressway-E virtual machines, running the most recent software.

CUCM Troubleshooting Services

• Configure required CUCM parameters to support Cisco Jabber IM and/or phone mode.

Remote User Onboarding Services

• Enable Mobile and Remote Access functionality (MRA) in Expressway.

Jabber IM, Voice and Video Troubleshooting Services

• Test Jabber IM, voice and video services both on and off premises.

Cisco Expressway Training Services

• Administrator training for knowledge transfer and basic troubleshooting if required.

What You Can Expect From The Cisco Expressway Services Offering

Enhanced workforce mobility


Cisco Expressway embraces mobility and device proliferation trends. It provides simple and highly secure access for a range of Cisco Jabber unified communications clients, with single-sign-on capabilities and without the need for a separate VPN client. Therefore, it complements common BYOD strategies.

Mobile and remote access (MRA)


Extend office connectivity to on-the-go and home office employees. Cisco Expressway makes collaboration as easy to use outside the enterprise as it is inside, by simplifying the end-user experience. Expressway will allow Jabber to be used from the internet on any platform (Jabber for Windows, Jabber for Mac, Jabber on iPhone, Jabber on Android, Jabber on iPad).
Finally, Remote users will be able to have an enterprise phone at home (DX, 7800 & 8800 series).

Business-to-business (B2B) collaboration


Share collaboration services with business partners. Cisco Expressway simplifies B2B collaboration, including instant messaging and presence (IM&P) federation. Using URI dialing, organizations can more securely collaborate with partners and suppliers, just as if they shared an office. No prearrangements are needed.

Be more efficient


Eliminate voice and video traffic off the VPN by utilizing split tunnel configurations.

Get more done with mobile and remote workers with Cisco Expressway Services

Cisco Expressway Services by Stack8 enables clients to promote simple and secure collaboration anywhere, on any device


Make every meeting a productive, collaborative work session