Cisco Webex Hybrid Services

Directory Services, Calendar Services, Call Services

Provide even greater Cisco Webex collaboration capabilities along with a consistent unified user and administrator experience.

Stack8 Hybrid Services for Cisco Webex helps connect what you have on-premises with Cisco Webex platform in the Cloud to provide a single, integrated experience and the capability for enhanced Cisco Webex collaboration.

Consistent Unified User Experience

Cisco Webex Hybrid Services combine the Cloud and on-premises for an integrated experience, with the result that end users and IT administrators get the best of both. Examples include the ability to share your desktop, automatic directory synchronization, and simplified meeting scheduling from a mobile device.

Stack8 Webex Hybrid Services Offerings:


Identify the right Cisco Webex Hybrid Service to fit your goals.
– Readiness assessment,
– Pre-requisites validation,
– Preparation and analysis.

Staging and configuration

Develop implementation plans, migrate and integrate new Webex technologies into your network.

Testing and go-live

Test all Hybrid Webex Services and resolve issues prior to going live.


Implement refinements to reflect actual customer usage patterns, to speed adoption and enable rapid ROI.

Stack8 can implement your Cisco Webex Hybrid solutions to enable continuous collaboration with Webex Teams and Webex Meetings

Make Your Existing Deployment Even Better

Single Integrated Calling Experience


Combines Cisco Webex and CUCM to provide seamless calling experience. With Hybrid Call Service, you can use your office phone number across all your devices, even when making and receiving calls from the Cisco Webex Teams app. When called, your desk phone, Jabber, and Cisco Webex Teams will ring.

Unified Calendaring


Integrate disparate calendar services with Cisco Webex Teams and Cisco Webex Meetings. Quickly and automatically create a Cisco Webex Team space. Single button to join almost any upcoming meeting within the app and video devices.

Desktop Sharing


Desktop sharing during a call utilizing Cisco Webex Teams or Desk Phones. Share everything on your screen during a meeting or call, or just a single application, such as an email or document that you’re working on through the Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Teams web apps. You can share content even when you’re paired with a room or desk device.

Simplified Directory


See all company contacts both from Active Directory and Cisco Webex Teams enabling them to click to meet, message or call.

Get more done in collaborative meetings with Cisco Webex Hybrid Services

What Cisco Webex Hybrid Services Include:

Directory Services


Simplify the administrative experience by automatically synchronizing Microsoft Active Directory users with Cisco Webex Teams user management (creating, updating, deleting), so that users are always current in Webex Teams.

Calendar Services


Webex calendar integration with your Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Google Calendar with Cisco Webex meeting capabilities. Hybrid Calendar Service simplifies scheduling meetings, especially from a mobile device.

Call Services


With Hybrid Call Service, you can use the Cisco call control you currently have and integrate it tightly with Webex Teams messaging and meetings.

Make every meeting a productive, collaborative work session