Cisco Webex Teams Pilot

Support, Deployment and Integration Services for Cisco Webex Teams

The Webex Teams Pilot is about using Webex to create simple, intuitive collaboration experiences and full Webex integration

• Collaborating with remote colleagues.
• Leading important meetings with participants outside your organization.
• Orchestrating large online events.
• Running marketing campaigns.
• Delivering interactive training.
• Providing live customer service or technical support.

What’s Involved and Included with the Cisco Webex Teams Pilot

Stack8’s Webex collaboration tools will execute the following tasks and activities:

Webex Integration Services

• Deploy, manage and support a Cisco Webex Pilot for up to 60 days.

Webex Trial Services

• Prepare a Cisco Webex trial for up to 25 users.

Webex Video Endpoint Services

• Order and configure approved Cisco Webex trial video endpoints (3).

Webex Onboarding Services

• Verify the pre-requisites for the Cisco Webex Hybrid services.

Configuration of Cisco Webex Hybrid Services

• Cisco Webex Hybrid Directory Service
• Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service
• Cisco Webex Hybrid Call Service (Connect & Aware)

Webex Support Services

• Provide a maximum of 20 hours of support during the Proof of Concept. This includes consulting work on the use of Cisco Webex Teams, configuration changes and any other activity where a Stack8 resource will be involved. This POC support starts after Day-2 support.

Webex Consultation Services

• Every other week check-in (1hr) to touch base and provide a progress update.

“Cisco Webex Teams Pilot makes it easy for everyone to work together in one place and in real time.”

What You Can Expect From The Cisco Webex Teams Pilot

Improve Business Agility


One Meeting Experience:
• Choose the meeting solution that best meets your needs
Enhance Interactive Meetings:
• With video conferencing, integrated audio, and real-time content sharing
Join Meetings Faster:
• With one button to join
Decrease Interrupted Service:
• Traffic synchronizes and switches transparently to a backup site over Webex.

Increase Staff Productivity


Improve Collaboration:
• Effective Webex collaboration tools have the ability to measurably improve the product development process and accelerate sales cycles
Join From Anywhere:
• Webex integration allows you to start or join meetings on any device
Join From Any Video Device:
• You can invite others to join meetings using their own video device

Protect Data


Encrypt and Secure Network-Based Recordings:
• All recordings are encrypted
Add Attendance Security to Internal Meetings:
• Choose from multiple, customizable levels of participant security
Protect Sensitive Data:
• For Webex Meetings on PCs and mobile devices, data is transported from the client to the Webex solution using 128-bit SSL version 3 (SSLv3).

Get more done in collaborative meetings with Cisco Webex Teams Pilot

What’s In It For You

Simple to use and easy to join


Simple, fast join experience. No downloads or plug-ins required.

Stay connected from anywhere


Easily schedule meetings even on mobile devices and join with one click.

Do not miss a minute of the meeting


Hands-free joining that adapts to noisy environments intuitively with the Webex Meetings App.

Be there even when you are away


Industry leading, lifelike, customizable HD video experience.

Make every meeting a productive, collaborative work session