Cloud-based Unified Communications - for Cisco and BroadSoft Technology

What is Parlay Cloud UC?

Parlay is a Managed UC Cloud Service which delivers on the promise of Unified Communications through the combination of advanced services and hosted UC tools.

Parlay includes:

• Access to UC and Telecom subject matter expertise
• Scheduled technology review sessions
• Advanced reporting and insights into your UC services including adoption and satisfaction tracking
• Cisco Cloud UC services and applications
• BroadSoft technology integration
• PSTN connectivity
• Access to Stack8 development services for integrations and BPO

7 Situations to Move to Cloud UC

Every growing business reaches the point where it looks to answer the classic question: Do we move our UC into the Cloud, or do we turn to find another solution? Moving your UC to the Cloud can have an immediate impact on your business. Here are seven situations why organizations are moving to Cisco Cloud UC.

Replacing the PBX:

• My organization is planning to replace a legacy PBX/telephone system.

Moving Offices or Merging:

• My organization is looking to move offices or is merging with another company, so we require a flexible Voice

Flexible Working or Mobile Users:

• My organization has a relatively high number of workers who want to work from both home and while on the

Improve Customer Contact:

• My organization is looking to ensure we handle every customer interaction as professionally as possible.

Integrate Communications into other Applications:

• My organization wants to integrate communications into key business applications like CRM, Google, MSFT
Skype for Business.

Assistance in Managing a Mixed PBX Estate:

• My organization has a business with multiple sites with multiple PBX assets and needs help in managing this.

Phone Line Contract End Date:

• My provider has announced the switching off of their PSTN/ISDN network.

What’s In It For You

Key Capabilities


• Messaging & Presence
• Collaboration
• Mobility
• Anywhere/any device
• HD voice & video
• Integration with your existing PBX feature set

Cloud Benefits


• Always latest software
• No hardware/HVAC
• No capital outlay
• Inherently mobile & multi-site
• Optimal security.

Business Benefits


• You are always reachable
• Your staff is more productive
• You can use your own mobile devices and plans
• It integrates with your business applications
• No need for additional hardware, IT or HVAC
• Collaborate and communicate anywhere you are
• Predictable OPEX financial model

Connect, share, create, meet, and work with colleagues and customers with Parlay Cloud UC Services

What Parlay Cloud UC Services Include:

500 User Licences


  • Parlay Desktop Communicator Parlay Mobile
  • Communicator (iOS/Android)
  • Parlay Tablet Communicator
  • IM, Presence
  • File Sharing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • O365 Hub Integration, Outlook Connector
  • Salesforce Connector

Onboarding Services


  • Waived for a 3-year contract
  • 50 hours included
  • End User survey
  • Site survey (Auto attendants, site features)
  • End User provisioning
  • Site provisioning
  • Project Management and cutover planning

Site Package Included


  • Auto-Attendants (x2)
  • Group Paging (x3)
  • Hunt Group (x3)
  • Meet Me bridge (x40)
  • Meet-me Conference (x40)
  • Receptionist Client (x2)

Unlimited National LD


  • Included

Public Phone Licences


  • Included

Advanced Reporting


  • Included

Technical Assistance Center (TAC)


  • Included

Issue/Adoption Review Meetings


  • Monthly

Redundant Buzz Cloud Network Connectivity


  • Requires Quote

MACs - Moves, Adds, Changes


  • 100 Annually

Technology Review Meetings


  • Bi-Annually

Client Success Manager


  • Dedicated

See how your organization can benefit from Cisco – BroadSoft Cloud solutions.