Meet Sara, Contact Center Manager, she builds high-performing contact center teams that thrive to provide the best customer experience.

“How can my team have all of the customer’s information at their fingertips before they answer the phone?”

“How can I ensure my team reacts effectively to peak call volumes?”

“How can I better measure my team’s performance?”

“How can I stay ahead of the trends and exceed my customer’s expectations?”

Contact Center Solutions

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Contact Center Wallboard

Manage service levels on the go and ensure that response times and abandon rates are minimized. CRM Connector

Identify customers as they call in and pull up their profiles and entire history by the time the agent answers the phone.

Outbound Campaign Manager

Empower your contact center team to manage their own campaigns without providing access to the UCCX administrative interface.

Call Optimization Support

Improve call flow design and configuration to ensure an optimal response time.

Custom Reporting

Gather key performance indicators for your contact center that will help you fine tune your operations and exceed customer expectations.

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