Cisco Webex Meeting Solutions

While meetings are notorious time-wasters, people still find themselves in them all the time. How much of that time is being wasted?

  • 37% of the average knowledge worker’s time is spent in meetings*
  • 10 min+ is the average delay in starting a meeting due to technology glitches*
  • 70% of people admit to multi-tasking during meetings*

*Cisco quotes these statistics from the National Statistics Council, Ovum, and Interaction Associates.

Unfortunately, starting late is a vicious cycle. People show up late, there isn’t enough time to cover everything, and the meeting is rushed. No one wants to repeat the experience in a follow-up meeting, so the project doesn’t benefit from a collaborative input. Every minute you’re paying people to be unproductive, you’re not only wasting money, but you’re also wasting the opportunity to make progress on a project. But what can you do?

Enter Cisco Online Webex Meeting and video conferencing solutions.


With a properly implemented and managed Cisco Webex Online Meeting or Cisco Webex Teams solution, your business will outperform these disheartening communication statistics. Backed by the professionals at Stack8, Cisco meeting solutions ensure that every meeting is a productive and collaborative work session. If you’re only using technology to give presentations and send electronic invites, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to increase productivity. Stack8 Consulting Services, Cisco Webex Meetings solutions, and Cisco Webex Teams transform fruitless meetings into collaborative and connected places where work actually gets done.


Every meeting can and should be a productive, collaborative work session

If you’re only using technology to provide presentation capabilities and send electronic invites, you have an opportunity to massively increase productivity.

Meetings are no longer simply places to share information and get everyone caught up. Today, meetings are a place where work gets done, so they need to be collaborative and connected.

With Stack8 Consulting Services and  Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Teams solution, you can completely transform the meetings culture at your company.

Not sure where to start? Stack8 will provide recommendations for your ideal meeting solution, set up the system and make sure it’s running properly, and help you manage the system for maximum efficiency. Contact us to learn more information.

Okay Cisco, invite Chuck Robbins

It doesn’t work exactly like that, but voice commands with Cisco Webex Teams Assistant save time doing common tasks like, Invite, Save, etc. As a leader in communication technology, Cisco continuously adds functionality to its meeting solutions. Smart meeting rooms, automatic noise detection, enhanced collaboration, and future AI experiences are transforming the way people communicate at work. Thanks to Stack8, you’ll stay informed about what’s coming, what to prepare for, and how new meeting solutions can help your business.


Intelligent Booking System

Any productive and collaborative work environment requires a proper workspace. Size and features are important; users shouldn’t struggle with the logistics of booking these spaces. The Stack8 team created the Intelligent Booking System to effortlessly schedule meetings in suitably sized spaces. It’s like having someone proactively overseeing your room bookings to ensure the greatest ROI on your meeting room investments.

How does the Intelligent Booking System for Webex Teams work?

It is as simple as writing a message in Webex Teams. The user simply needs to ask the virtual assistant “Octo” to book a meeting, and Octo will then take the user step-by-step through the process of booking the ideal meeting room.

Octo will also map out the rooms location for all attendees.

Finally, Octo will send attendees a meeting room confirmation email.

Stack8 can implement your Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Teams solutions to enable continuous collaboration in an online workspace automatically created for the meeting.

Get more done in collaborative meetings with Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Teams.

8 ways Stack8 can increase your critical meeting capabilities with Cisco Webex

Scheduling efficiency


What size room do you need, for how long? Do you even need a room, or can the meeting be virtual? Let a scheduler find the best space automatically. If something changes, the system will automatically notify attendees. No more wandering the halls looking for a room change note taped to the door.

Centralized resources makes being unprepared inexcusable


Meetings shouldn’t be a group read-along. Everyone should have access to the information they need in advance, without relying on error-prone tools and systems. Get rid of all the excuses: “I didn’t get the attachment, I wasn’t cc’d…”
By sharing all content relevant to the meeting in one central Cisco Webex Teams meetings space, everyone has access to it ahead of time, and productivity starts before the meeting. With a properly implemented Cisco meetings solution, you can enforce an expectation of preparedness.

Let your mobile workforce join easily, from anywhere


Cisco made it really easy to join a meeting: click the green button.
That’s it! Whether people are in a huddle space at the office or in a remote location, using a desktop computer or a mobile device, they can join from anywhere on any device in one click. If they’re late, it’s because of them, not the technology.

Take action before, during, and after the meeting


Starting on time is only half of the battle. Making sure work gets done during and after the meeting is essential to maximize meeting productivity.
Active collaboration prevents multitasking by engaging people in productive work during the meeting. Solve problems and produce tangible outcomes on the spot instead of assigning everyone a pile of action items to do later.
Capture ideas on files, messages, and whiteboards and share with everyone immediately after the meeting.

Calendar integration


Every meeting people accept is automatically added to their calendar, with a reminder set to automatically pop up. No more “forgetting.”

Share host duties


Make it easy for different people to run their own part of the meeting by switching host duties seamlessly, with no delays.

Streamline setup


There’s no reason to not trust the system and test it before every meeting to make sure everything is okay. When it’s set up properly, the Cisco Webex is so intuitive, anyone can easily use it as a self-service system. Even the least technical person in your company should be fully confident that your meetings solution will work right away, with the audio and video capabilities they need.

Implement video as a best practice


Keep everyone focused with their full attention, communicating with people, not devices by implementing video as a best practice.
Using video conferencing enables all participants to communicate both verbally and non-verbally regardless of the attendee’s location as if they were sitting across from one another.

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